Services by Vezdexod-Expo

Services by Vezdexod-Expo

      Companies carrying out their activities within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of types of their activities, are obliged to ensure complete safety for their employees. It is undesirable to neglect such safety-related issues due to any lack of time, lack of knowledge of laws, underestimation of consequences and risks of possible incidents.

      In order to provide this or that company with safe working conditions, it is necessary to have a HSE department where specialists can monitor occupational safety requirements. But having such departments is not always beneficial. For small businesses of 50 employees or companies without HSE departments Vezdexod-Expo has an optimal solution consisting in occupational safety outsourcing.

      We are professionally engaged in providing a comprehensive approach to any issues associated with safe working conditions in organizations involved in outsourcing relationships. This type of activities advantageously differs from one-time and periodic HSE services within enterprises. Our occupational safety engineers provide comprehensive support in order to ensure this or that enterprise's stable activities as if you have had your own occupational safety specialists.

     This outsourcing occupational safety support includes a full range of services: training employees, developing necessary documents, keeping logs of occupational safety activities and providing progress reports. Our specialists will create and make occupational safety management processes function in a sustained way and according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. You obtain a high-quality and reliable solution to any occupational safety problems and do not worry about your employees.

Vezdexod-Expo renders services in the following four main directions:


We carry out training, retraining, advanced training and annual appraisal activities for managers, engineering technicians and workers in the following directions:

    Our training programs are regularly updated and agreed upon with local labor inspection bodies. All classrooms are equipped with modern audio- and video-devices, computers for final and intermediate tests, training aids, materials, periodicals.

    Studies are organized with participation of qualified specialists from state supervision and oversight bodies, experienced teachers, certified employees from HSE departments of large industrial companies.

    Examination committees from different training centers are involved in checking skills and knowledge of managers, engineering technicians and workers.




For more detailed information on outsourcing occupational safety services, consultations and prices, please, contact our specialists.

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